Microsoft dumps Smart Tags

— 12:32 PM on June 28, 2001

It would appear that public outcry can influence the Redmond giant, as The Inquirer is reporting that Smart Tags are being ripped from WinXP.

Users had expressed concern that the feature would enable Microsoft to redirect users to either its own sites, or those 'approved' by the company. Microsoft decided yesterday (Wednesday) to kill the feature - until recently one of the key improvements cited for XP. As a result, Smart Tags won't appear in the final version of Windows XP, due out on October 31st, or in the stand-alone version of the new Web browser, Internet Explorer 6, designed to run on previous versions of Windows.
Though Microsoft has been almost universally attacked for its XP activation scheme, by both the public and media, it seems unlikely we'll see that 'feature' dumped as well.
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