Bay Trail to fuel Asus convertible, Dell tablet, loads of notebooks and desktops

— 12:54 PM on September 11, 2013

Intel lifted the lid on its Bay Trail SoC earlier this morning, and the firm's already showing off systems based on the chip. Bay Trail-based tablets from Asus and Dell took to the stage during this morning's IDF keynote.

The Asus T100 looks like the most intriguing of the two; it's a Transformer-style convertible with a detachable keyboard dock that should provide extra connectivity and an auxiliary battery. We don't have many details about the T100, but we know it runs the full-fat version of Windows, and we expect to learn more about the convertible later today.

Dell also revealed its first Bay Trail tablet. The Venue-branded device features an 8" screen and runs Windows. Additional details are scarce, but according to Laptop Magazine, the tablet will be the subject of a more formal launch event in early October.

So, that's two design wins for Intel's tablet-oriented Bay Trail-T SoC. The same silicon has spawned -M and -D variants designed for value notebooks and desktops, and those chips appear to be even more popular with PC makers. Intel says Bay Trail-M and -D have combined for over 140 design wins already. Looks like the new "Silvermont" Atom architecture will be everywhere this holiday season.

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