SK Hynix fire sends memory prices soaring

— 5:26 PM on September 24, 2013

Memory prices were supposed to level off toward the end of this year, but guess what? That ain't happening. In fact, according to Bloomberg, DDR3 prices have reached a two-year high in the wake of a fire at one of SK Hynix's factories in China. Here's the skinny:

The price of the benchmark DDR3 2-gigabit dynamic random-access memory chip reached $2.27 yesterday, compared with $1.60 on Sept. 4, when a fire forced the closing of SK Hynix’s factory in Wuxi, according to DRAMeXchange, Asia’s largest market for the components. Icheon, South Korea-based SK Hynix expects to resume production on the fire-hit line next month.

In a statement to Bloomberg, analyst Oh Sang Woo predicts that memory prices "will continue to rise throughout the fourth quarter." At the very least, he adds, "There will be no drop until the operation gets into full swing."

Oh well. So much for those of us eying a new PC upgrade this Christmas.

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