The first-gen Surface Pro is now $699

— 1:24 PM on October 24, 2013

Barely two months ago, Microsoft made its $100 price cut to the first-gen Surface Pro permanent. Now, as CNet News reports, the tablet has become subject to another $100 price cut, which has brought its starting price to just $699.

You can order the freshly discounted Surface Pro here at the Microsoft Store. $699 gets you the 64GB, tablet-only version of the device, and $799 buys the 128GB model. As before, the Type Cover and Touch Cover accessories must be purchased separately. This time, though, you can order the second-gen covers, which have LED backlighting and, in the case of the Touch Cover 2, more sensors. Both the Type Cover 2 and the Touch Cover 2 are compatible with the first-gen Surface Pro.

The first-gen Surface Pro is powered by an Ivy Bridge Core i5 processor, and it features a 10.6" display with a 1080p resolution. 4GB of RAM, dual 720p cameras, a stylus, and a 42 watt-hour battery are also included. All in all, the device weighs 2 lbs and is 0.53" thick. The spec sheet says it comes with Windows 8 Pro, but since Windows 8.1 Pro is a free upgrade, you can consider that part of the package.

Shoppers with deeper pockets will, of course, want to consider the newer Surface Pro 2. That system starts at a heftier $899, but it features one of Intel's latest Haswell processors, an improved display, and 60% better battery life than the original Surface Pro.

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