Action-packed multiplayer trailer celebrates Battlefield 4's release

— 6:00 AM on October 30, 2013

The first reviews of Battlefield 4 are mixed. Lazygamer has a good summary of coverage from several sites, and there seems to be some consensus that the single-player campaign isn't anything special. However, the multiplayer is apparently pretty slick. Here's a new multiplayer launch trailer to whet your appetite.

That's the Battlefield I know and love. I wonder how many tries it took to get that mid-air collision between the ATV and helicopter just right.

If my mousing shoulder weren't a little sore, I'd be jumping into the multiplayer tonight. The game is already primed on my Ivy-E test rig, and I'm curious to see how smoothly the machine pumps out the latest Frostbite eye candy across my three 1920x1200 displays. I can always throw in a second hot-clocked GeForce GTX 680 to go along with the one that's installed already. This gig does have its perks.

Were any of you hardcore enough to play Battlefield 4 on day one? What are your impressions so far?

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