A decent enthusiast's DDR Athlon board?

— 12:56 AM on July 18, 2001

VIA's DDR chipset for the Athlon seems to be a bust, so motherboard makers are finally jumping on the AMD 761 north bridge/VIA 686B south bridge combo as a chipset solution. Abit's long-awaited 761-based entry is almost here, and Kyle at the cold, HardOCP has a full review. The board looks quite fast in 3DMark, and—at last!—this DDR Athlon mobo has decent menu-driven overclocking options. I'm sure a lot of folks are eager to get their hands on this one.

In fact, Dr. John at KickAss Gear has promised me a KG7 as soon as he can get one. The OCP says they should be available in two weeks or so. Meanwhile, my quest for a decent enthusiasts' Athlon DDR mobo may have already ended with another contender from an unlikely source. More on that in my upcoming review...

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