HP's PC business sees unexpected revenue growth

— 6:00 AM on February 21, 2014

We don't normally cover HP's financials, but the company's fiscal Q1 numbers are noteworthy. As ZDNet points out, HP's Personal Systems business did a fair bit better than expected, growing its revenue by 4% compared to a year ago. Here's a swanky infographic from the presentation on the company's Investor Relations page:

Based on that data, most of the growth seems to have come from commercial (i.e. non-consumer) notebooks. Commercial revenue was up 8% compared to last year, while notebook revenue was up 5%. However, HP says revenue from consumer PCs was down 3%, and desktop revenue was down 1%.

Interestingly, ZDNet attributes the growth to Windows XP's demise. Microsoft's "extended support" phase for Windows XP will end on April 8, and as a result, ZDNet says XP systems are being "tossed."

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