HardwareZone crosses the Tualatin

— 3:48 AM on July 20, 2001

HardwareZone has produced a review of what is likely the last iteration of the venerable Pentium III line of processors.

Just when you think that Pentium III processors have hit a performance block at 1.13GHz, Intel struck back with a much improved version of the Pentium III that could very well be the next low-cost (if compared to a Pentium 4) processor. Named after the Tualatin river in Oregon, this much awaited processor is based on Intel's new 0.13 micron manufacturing process. The processor is none other than Intel's previous Pentium III CPU but with a lower core voltage and the ability to process at higher frequencies.
The P6 core continues to age like fine wine, but Intel's CPU roadmap clearly shows that the PIII's days are numbered—at least on desktops.
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