New NZXT case flaunts stormtrooper looks for $70

— 3:36 PM on April 22, 2014

Amid the multitudes of black, rectangular cases out there, NZXT's Phantom enclosures are a welcome departure from the norm. The latest one, the Phantom 240, offers the same curvy, black-and-white styling as its brethren—and the requisite enthusiast-friendly amenities—at a surprisingly tantalizing price.

You might not guess the Phantom 240 costs $69.99 from looking at it. The outside is half Star Wars, half Portal, and the innards are relatively roomy and quite sensibly arranged. It features USB 3.0 front ports, a bottom-mounted PSU emplacement, cut-outs in the motherboard tray for cable routing and CPU heatsink installation, and room for six hard drives on side-mounted trays. The top three trays sit in a cage that can be removed to make way for an uber-long graphics card, too.

The only place where the Phantom 240 might be accused of skimping is cooling. It only comes with two 120-mm fans: one at the front and one at the back. A larger intake would have been nice, and it might have helped minimize dust buildup. The case can be decked out with dual 120-mm intakes and dual 140-mm exhausts up top, but you'll have to bring your own fans.

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