Is this a 14'' Android laptop from HP?

— 6:00 AM on April 28, 2014

Google's mobile operating system strategy has been fairly clear-cut so far: Android goes on certain devices, and Chrome OS on others. The lines might be about to blur, though. NotebookItalia has the scoop on a 14" HP laptop that, by the look of it, runs Android exclusively.

The information apparently comes from a leaked promotional video. Said video outlines the Slatebook 14, a colorful laptop with a 14" full-HD touch screen, a quad-core Nvidia processor (presumably of the Tegra variety), Beats Audio speakers, and an assortment of ports and slots, including HDMI out. The keyboard even appears to have some Android-specific keys.

It's entirely possible the video is some art student's side project, but it looks believable enough, and the production values are high. If it's the real deal, I wonder what it means for Android's future. Perhaps this is why Google vetoed Android-Windows hybrids recently. (Thanks to Liliputing for the tip.)

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