Fractal Design's new liquid coolers are expandable, refillable

— 12:51 PM on June 5, 2014

Excited to hear about another round of closed-loop liquid coolers from Computex? No? Well, too bad, because the news is still flowing—and Fractal Design's Kelvin coolers are actually kinda neat.

The company has announced three of them: the 120-mm Kelvin T12, 240-mm Kelvin S24, and 360-mm Kelvin S36. All three feature a high-pressure ceramic pump design that, according to Fractal Design, is "strong enough to support considerable expansion." The coolers come with just a multi-socket CPU block, but you should be able to add GPU blocks and extra radiators if you so choose.

Also, the fluid in these coolers can be topped up via a special refilling port. According to Fractal Design, one of the most common issues with closed-loop coolers is the loss of coolant over time, which degrades cooling performance.

Along with the expansion and refilling features, the Kelvin coolers feature all-copper CPU blocks and radiators. They're compatible with "all modern CPU sockets," and Fractal Design says all parts have G 1/4" thread fittings compatible with "the vast majority of enthusiast water cooling products." Pricing will be $99.99 for the Kelvin T12, $119.99 for the S24, and $139.99 for the S36.

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