iOS developer uncovers split-screen code

— 10:46 AM on June 11, 2014

Adding more smoke to the apparent fire of split-screen multitasking for Apple's iOS, developer Steve Troughton-Smith claims to have uncovered code in SpringBoard, iOS's home-screen manager, that allows apps to run in several different tiled modes. 

Troughton-Smith posted his discovery on Twitter yesterday: 

Unsurprisingly, since iOS 8 is still covered under a non-disclosure agreement, no examples of the code in action have been posted.

Given Troughton-Smith's record of uncovering iOS features under development in the past, such as tethering in iOS 3 and emoji in iPhone OS 2.0, this posting lends credence to the split-screen multitasking rumor. The fact that this feature wasn't shown at WWDC 2014 implies that it might not be ready for prime time yet, though. I suppose we won't know for sure until the iOS 8 NDA lifts.

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