BitFenix shows off giant Atlas case

— 12:48 PM on June 12, 2014

BitFenix is hopping aboard the oversized case bandwagon with its new Atlas uber-enclosure, which it previewed at Computex 2014. 

The Atlas measures 21" x 17" x 15". Although it's not quite as big as SilverStone's TJ-12, the Atlas more than makes up for it in expansion capacity, with 10 3.5" and six 2.5" drive bays, space for up to 20 120-mm fans or radiators, and a "testing mode" configuration that seems to turn the motherboard tray into an Antec Skeleton-like setup. The case also includes integrated RGB LEDs and an accompanying controller for maximum bling. 

Inside, the Atlas uses a dual-chamber design that's similar to Corsair's Air Series cases. The design separates he motherboard and GPUs from the storage bays and PSU for better cooling of critical components:


BitFenix hasn't announced pricing or availability for the Atlas yet.

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