Is this a handheld Steam machine?

— 9:18 AM on June 16, 2014

So far, all the Steam machine prototypes we've seen have been desktop systems aimed at the living room. A new concept teased at E3 promises something a little different, though. The Steamboy team (which stresses that it's "a third party" and that its product is not being developed by Valve) posted this video last week:

According to The Escapist, which got in touch with the Steamboy team via e-mail, the device will feature "a Quad-Core CPU, 4GB RAM, a 32GB built-in memory card, and a 5" 16:9 touchscreen." The Steamboy is expected to let users play "the majority of current games in Steam," and it's scheduled for a 2015 debut.

Well, that certainly sounds ambitious. Without more information about just who these Steamboy folks are, though, I don't think I'm going to hold my breath on this one. We've seen plenty of neat concepts from little-known teams over the years, and few of them have ever seen the light of day.

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