— 2:52 PM on August 2, 2001


  1. Digital Web 3D is down (they are looking for a new host)
  2. The death of TCP/IP? (thanks Stephen Barash)
  3. FDA OK's ingestible camera pill (thanks rand)
  4. Electic Tech has Windows Media Player 8 RC 2 beta
  5. Tech Extreme turns two: the latest from Microsoft's antitrust case
    and Visa's I-marketing plans
  6. EETimes on ghostbuster chip: Matsushita's new VSB demodulator
    and U.S. military's deployment of neural network technology (thanks rand)
  7. InformationWeek reports that Internet death rate is slowing
  8. Tech Extreme reviews Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis
  9. boycottrambus has latest Crucial memory price drops

  1. Electic Tech reports that SimpleTech serves up 2GB DIMM's
  2. SourceMagazine's battle for mobile supremacy: part III
  3. accelenation reviews EPoX EP-8KTA3 Pro
  4. ABA43 BIOS for FIC AD11 (thanks SocketA)
  5. Electic Tech has 1004 final BIOS for Asus P4T-M
    and CPU price guide

  1. 3DSpotlight reviews Videologic Vivid! XS Kyro II
  2. Digit Life reviews MSI StarForce 822 GF3
  3. Only a few more days left in HotHardware's VisionTek's GF3 sweepstakes
  4. X-bit labs reviews Seagate U Series 6 HDD
  5. Futurelooks reviews the PocketMail BackFlip for Palm PDA
  6. SystemLogic reviews Mapower MAP-63C USB external hard drive enclosure
  7. Digit Life's GSM communicator Nokia 9210: part III
Accessories, case, and cooling

  1. The Tech Zone reviews Cool-View acrylic window kit
  2. I am not a geek reviews Enermax EG651P-VE 550W PSU
  3. EXHardware reviews Lian Li PC-60USB case
  4. BiT-Tech on building a processor baybus
  5. Gaming in 3D's 60mm fan performance comparison
  6. TweakTown reviews Kanie Hedgehog 294M
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