Toshiba intros $330 notebook with 360-degree hinge

— 9:15 AM on October 21, 2014

Are Lenovo's Yoga laptops too rich for your blood? Good news: Toshiba has announced a budget ultraportable that features a similar 360-degree hinge design. It's called the Satellite Radius 11, and it's coming on October 26 with a $329.99 starting price.

Toshiba says the Radius 11 features an 11.6" touch screen, a choice of the "latest Intel Pentium or Celeron processor," up to 4GB of system memory, and either 32GB of flash storage or a 500GB mechanical hard drive. Connectivity includes USB 3.0 and HDMI, and the system comes with Windows 8.1. That's not a bad set of specs for 330 bucks.

According to Liliputing, the Radius 11 has already been out in Europe since last month. Indeed, Toshiba's UK site has a full spec sheet for the system, which reveals additional details.

That page says the processor under the hood is either a dual-core Celeron N2840 or a quad-core Pentium N3540, which are both from Bay Trail stock. Also, apparently, the Radius 11's rated battery life is just 5.5 hours. Now, to be fair, that's a Mobile Mark rating rather than a best-case scenario—but it still seems a little short. At least the system is reasonably thin and light, at 0.86" and 2.87 lbs.  (Thanks to Liliputing for the tip.)

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