Valve's Source 2 engine will be free, too

— 11:46 AM on March 4, 2015

Epic recently made Unreal Engine 4 free for everyone, and Unity 5 is taking a similar approach with small developers. Now, Valve has revealed that its next-gen game engine is joining the party. In a press release posted at Steam Database, the firm says it "will be making Source 2 available for free to content developers."

There's no mention of whether the freebie will have royalties attached. However, Valve adds that a Vulkan-compatible version is also on the way. It sounds like developers may be able to choose between two versions of the engine.

The press release doesn't provide a timeline for when coders can get their hands on Source 2. The final Vulkan spec is due later this year, so that version of the engine may be a ways off. We may learn more during Valve's GDC session on Thursday.

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