LaCie brings Type-C USB to external hard drive

— 10:23 AM on March 10, 2015

Brace yourself for a bunch of new external storage devices with reversible Type-C connectors. The latest drive maker to throw its hat into the ring is LaCie, which just announced a Type-C variant of its Porsche Design Mobile Drive.

Source: LaCie

The updated unit retains the stylish aluminum chassis and sluggish mechanical guts of its predecessor. Despite adding the next-gen connector, it apparently sticks with the older SuperSpeed spec. LaCie says the drive's "USB 3.0 interface delivers up to 100 MB/s."

Type-C ports are typically associated with USB 3.1, which offers much higher transfer rates than the old standard. But USB 3.0 still tops out at 500MB/s, so it's more than fast enough for mechanical storage—and for the 2.5" notebook drive tucked into LaCie's external chassis. Backward compatibility should ensure that the drive works in Type-C ports backed by USB 3.1 controllers, and LaCie adds an adapter cable for hooking into traditional Type-A ports.

The press release doesn't detail pricing, but 500GB-2TB versions of the old model are selling for $80-174 at Newegg right now. I'd expect the Type-C incarnations to have similar price tags when they arrive next quarter.

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