Deal of the week: Dragon Age: Inquistion for $30, and more

— 11:28 AM on May 8, 2015

It's that time again. Here are the deals that popped up on my radar this morning:

  • EA is taking 25% off everything at its Origin online store with coupon code ORIGIN25. The code can be combined with existing deals, and Dragon Age: Inquisition looks ripe for the picking. The BioWare action RPG is already on sale for $39.99, and the coupon knocks that down to $29.99, so you're basically getting the game for half price.
  • While I'll admit to some cheap SSD fatigue, Newegg has a nice deal on Mushkin's Enhanced Chronos 480GB. The drive is slashed to only $159.99 without any rebates, coupon codes, or blood rituals required. Cost per gig: $0.33.
  • Memory kits seem to be on sale just as frequently as SSDs these days. If you're in the market for a high-speed kit, Newegg has G.Skill's Ares 2 x 8GB DDR3-2400 combo for only $99.99. The modules have looser timings and require 1.65V, but that's not uncommon for DIMMs rated to run at higher frequencies. Unlike a lot of exotic modules, these have standard-height heat spreaders that won't interfere with jumbo CPU coolers.

I've undoubtedly missed something, so feel free to add any good deals you find to the comments below.

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