Microsoft in your living room

— 12:58 PM on September 7, 2001

Even if you're not waiting in line for Microsoft's new Xbox game console, you may end up with MS hardware in your living room. A cross between a PC and an Xbox, the HomeStation is coming.

Microsoft is working on a top-secret home entertainment device code-named HomeStation. The PC/Xbox hybrid will run a version of Windows to form a home entertainment hub. The device will finally turn the idea of digital convergence into a living room reality. Following in the footsteps of the PC-influenced Xbox, the device is likely to be a non-upgradeable sealed unit, with a system board based on nVIDIA's nForce, boasting GeForce graphics and Dolby Digital sound. HomeStation will come equipped for an array of online and offline activities: a sizeable hard drive, broadband connection and compression technology based on Windows Media Player 8 - included with Windows XP - all point to a video-on-demand role.
I'm not sure whether Microsoft will go after the bathroom or kitchen next, but you can be sure it's got plans for one or the other.
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