AMD refreshes Kaveri APU with unlocked A10-7870K

— 11:04 AM on May 28, 2015

AMD's first "Godavari" APU has surfaced, and it's exactly what we expected. Even the company's own press release describes the new A10-7870K as a Kaveri refresh. The chip is based on the same silicon as existing A-series products, and it plugs into the same FM2+ socket. Clock speeds are up slightly, though.

Source: AMD

This new flagship adds 100MHz to the A10's top speed and 200MHz to its base frequency. The onboard graphics are boosted, as well—and by a fair bit, all things considered. Despite these higher frequencies, the chip's 95W TDP is unchanged. The multiplier also remains unlocked.

AMD says the 7870K has a suggested e-tail price of $137, but the actual street price is a bit higher right now. Newegg and TigerDirect both have the processor listed for $150.

Although the title of AMD's press release mentions new processors—plural—the 7870K is the only model discussed. Neither the official release nor the A-series product page mentions the other Godavari APUs rumored to be in the works. Hmmm.

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