Double the fans, double the fun with Gigabyte's new mini-GTX 960s

— 10:11 AM on June 30, 2015

Gigabyte's one of several graphics card makers with Mini-ITX-sized graphics cards in its lineup, but the coolers on those cards are usually tiny, single-fan affairs. That all changes today, as Gigabyte has introduced a pair of sawed-off Nvidia GeForce GTX 960s with a new dual-fan Windforce cooler on board.

The winds of change ride in on 2GB and 4GB versions of the GTX 960, each with souped-up 1190MHz base and 1253MHz boost clocks (up from 1127MHz and 1178MHz stock speeds). Gigabyte claims to use a PCB with extra copper for better stability and overclocking potential, and these cards can be tuned with the company's OC Genie 2 utility for extra speed.

We've contacted Gigabyte for more info on prices and release dates for this diminuitive duo.


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