— 12:33 AM on September 18, 2001

It was a fine day here in Damage Labs, as three packages full of goodies arrived for testing. Normally, I require a diet of one package per day, but last week's flight stoppage made that impossible. We're making up for it now, though.

Right now, I've got a test box crunching away on a stick of Corsair PC2400 CAS2 memory that Dr. John at KickAss Gear, our ass-kicking hardware sponsors, sent along. The DIMM is populated with Micron chips, interestingly enough, but I'm sure the chips are cherry picked. Crucial sold nothing better than CAS 2.5 PC2100 last I checked, although Crucial's PC2100 uses the same Micron chips. My initial tests on the PC2400 stuff are very promising. Hit KickAss Gear if you want to pick some up.

As for the other stuff that arrived... you'll have to wait and see.

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