AOC's gaming-oriented FreeSync displays start at $269

— 6:54 PM on October 6, 2015

In June, AOC pulled back the curtain on a couple of FreeSync-infused gaming displays: the 24" G2460PF and the 27" G2770PF. We learned how much those displays will cost today, and if you're in the market for a gaming-oriented monitor, you may be in for a treat. The G460PF will cost just $270, while the G2770PF will sticker for $360. For reference, the 24" model is a whole $115 cheaper than the Acer XB240H, which is the most affordable G-Sync monitor on Newegg at $385.

As a quick refresher, both monitors are 1080p TN units with 144Hz refresh rates and 1-ms response times. They also have a few other niceties, such as a USB hub and front-facing speakers, as well as height, tilt, and swivel adjustments.

Along with Samsung's $250 S24E370DL, which uses a 1080p PLS panel with a 60 Hz refresh rate, these monitors could herald the arrival of FreeSync as a feature for the gaming masses. The combination of accessibly-priced FreeSync displays and Intel's looming support for the standard make G-Sync look slightly lonely in its walled garden. Hopefully some good old competition makes G-Sync more accessible, as well.

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1. BIF - $340 2. Ryu Connor - $250 3. mbutrovich - $250
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