MSI GS40 Phantom squeezes GTX 970M power into a 14" chassis

— 9:22 AM on October 12, 2015

Gaming notebooks don't have to be back-breaking monstrosities any more, and MSI's GS40 Phantom is an example of the svelte new breed. This laptop packs a GeForce GTX 970M graphics chip with 3GB of RAM into a chassis that's less than an inch thick and only weighs 3.5 pounds. That graphics chip drives a 14", 1920x1080 "IPS-level" display.

The GS40's stock CPU is Intel's Core i7-6700HQ, a quad-core, eight-thread chip with 2.6GHz base and 3.5GHz turbo clocks. MSI also plans to offer a model with the unlocked, overclockable Core i7-6820HK for those who want to turn things up to 11. The company doesn't offer a stock RAM specification, but the system can address up to 32GB of DDR4-2133 memory. Storage specs are similarly tentative, but we know the GS40 will have room for a 2.5" drive plus an M.2 slot with four lanes of PCIe Gen3 connectivity.

MSI's "Super Port" is an intriguing feature: this USB Type-C connector can handle USB 3.1 peripherals, 4K display output, and high-power peripheral charging. The GS40 also comes with a SteelSeries RGB LED-backlit keyboard, Dynaudio sound, an ESS Sabre DAC, and Killer DoubleShot wired and wireless networking.

At least one reseller has a product page for the GS40 already, and the base configuration appears to have 16GB of RAM, a 128GB SSD, and a 1TB hard drive in addition to the base specs we noted above. That configuration costs $1,599.

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