Khronos Group delays Vulkan 1.0 release

— 2:40 PM on December 21, 2015

The Khronos Group will not release its Vulkan graphics API this year. While the specification is complete, according to a recent press release, the group says it's still receiving implementation feedback and that a legal review needs to be completed. Khronos does claim that the release is “imminent,” although they have not indicated a new release date.

Created by the team behind OpenGL, Vulkan attracted attention at this past March’s Game Developers Conference. Vulkan promises to give developers a new “close to the metal” programming standard that's meant to minimize driver overhead. It uses AMD’s Mantle API as its foundation, but use of Vulkan will not be limited to AMD hardware.

Microsoft didn't respond meekly to the news of a new graphics API. The company announced DirectX 12 in March of this year, as well, and it made similar promises about reducing driver overhead and abstraction.  Although DirectX 12 was released along with Windows 10 in July, it isn’t yet commonly used in games.

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