Razer Blackwidow X Chroma shows its switches to the world

— 2:42 PM on March 24, 2016

Razer added a new member to its Blackwidow Chroma family of keyboards today. The Blackwidow X Chroma is an RGB LED-backlit mechanical keyboard that uses Razer Green clicky mechanical switches. To make the Blackwidow X, Razer removed the top plate of the regular Blackwidow, leaving the key switches exposed for all to see. The company also removed the regular Blackwidow's macro keys.

The Chroma family, which also includes a 10-keyless Blackwidow Tournament Edition board, all feature fully-customizable per-key backlighting. Each RGB LED can produce a range of 16.8 million colors and can display a variety of animated lighting patterns. The X goes on sale today at $159.99, $10 less than the regular version.  

The Blackwidow X Chroma is just the first in a series of more wallet-friendly Razer X keyboards. The company will also introduce a Blackwidow X Tournament Edition board with Cherry MX Blue switches, no number pad, and no backlight for $59.99, according to SlashGear.

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