EK Monarch Modules let builders liquid-cool their RAM

— 8:47 AM on March 29, 2016

Slovenian liquid-cooling equipment supplier EK is spiffing up its EK-RAM Monarch Modules adapters. The Monarch Modules are essentially RAM heatspreaders that let builders cool nearly any memory module in tandem with an EK-RAM waterblock like the Monarch X2. These heatsinks were previously available in a sensible matte black, and now we have the option of a gleaming nickel-plated finish, too.

Takes a moment to even fix your eyes on them, doesn't it? The heatsinks themselves mate with the memory using included thermal pads. The $34.99 sticker price for the nickel kit includes adapters for two DIMMs. EK will continue to offer the black Monarch Modules for $29.99.

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