EK Waterblocks turns the Radeon Pro Duo into a single-slot card

— 10:16 AM on May 6, 2016

AMD's new Radeon Pro Duo is a monster of a graphics card with monstrous heat output to match. AMD rates this card's TDP at 350W, and it needs three eight-pin PCIe power connectors to do its thing. The card comes equipped with a closed-loop liquid cooler from the factory, but EK is ready to service those who need a little more style or space efficiency. Enter the company's new EK-FC Radeon Pro Duo full-coverage water block.

This water block covers the entire face of the card in nickel-plated copper, with either a clear acrylic or black Acetal resin exterior. The block slims the card down to a single-slot form factor, too. Not only does that make an unbelievable amount of processing power available in a very small space, but it also means you could use a pair of Radeon Pro Duos and still use your fancy sound card—even on a microATX system. The water block is available at EK's web shop now for $176.99.

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