Sapphire Nitro+ RX 480 gives Polaris a beefier body

— 7:50 AM on July 5, 2016

Details of custom-cooled Radeon RX 480s are starting to trickle out. We've already seen a teaser of Asus' take on the card, and now Sapphire's Nitro+ RX 480 has surfaced at British retailer Overclockers UK. This handsome card sports a twin-fan cooler with a metal backplate, an RGB LED logo on its side, and an eight-pin power connector that might put some minds at ease following news of the power draw characteristics of the reference RX 480.

Image: Overclockers UK

The Nitro+'s clock speeds are still under wraps. OCUK has most of the card's other specs, though. The card will come with 8GB of 8 GT/s GDDR5 RAM, two HDMI outputs, two DisplayPort 1.3 outputs, and one DVI port, plus removable fans for easy cleaning and a three-year warranty. OCUK has the Nitro+ up for preorder with a £20 premium over the RX 480 reference design at £249.95. We'd expect a similar price tag in US dollars once this card hits Yankee shores.

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