Work with Pritchard again in Mankind Divided's System Rift DLC

— 10:08 AM on September 23, 2016

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided was released roughly a month ago to generally positive reviews. Square-Enix isn't wasting any time, though. The first expansion for the game, called System Rift, is out today. Players can get into the skin and augments of Adam Jensen to once again work with his almost-friend Frank Pritchard. Take a gander at the trailer:

Good ol' buddy Prick-chard is asking for Jensen's help in infiltrating the Palisade Blade, the world's most secure data vault, in order to hunt down information pertaining the Santeu Group. The Blade is part of the Palisade Bank, a name familiar those that went to its offices during the main game in a quest for credits information.

Along the way, there's a hint that doing this may help Jensen in lifting the veil a little more on the famous Illuminati, who are pulling the strings on the world and constantly harshing his mellow. System Rift is out now in Steam for $11.99.

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