Finally, cheap Athlon boards: Via ships KX133

— 12:51 AM on January 11, 2000

TR's tireless newsman Maizel sends word of a MaximumPC report claiming Via has shipped its KX133 Athlon support chipset:

The chipset will bring enhanced features to Athlon based motherboards such as AGP 4X, ATA/66 and PC133 RAM capabilities.

The KX133 is formed on a .35 micron, two-chip set that consists of the VT8371 North Bridge and the VT82C686A "Super South Bridge" based on a three metal layer process. The chipset allows Athlon motherboard vendors to fabricate PCBs using a four-layer process instead of a six-layer process that is used by the AMD 750 "Irongate" chipset.

This means cheaper, faster Athlon systems are on the way. Can you say "sub-$1K" and "800MHz" together? I knew you could.

Check out Via's KX133 motherboard list for a look at what's coming soon.

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