Ryu Asks: Thread stuck in driver/infinite loop?

— 12:00 AM on December 13, 2001

I've been doing some reading up on people's difficulty with the 23.11 NVIDIA drivers. In those travels, I've also managed to run across others with non-NVIDIA hardware who are facing the same issue. If I understand correctly, this kind of error can occur across all operating systems. The sudden increase of the problem by name of "infinite loop" or "thread stuck in driver" is just a by-product of a new bugcheck code in Windows XP.

What exactly causes this kind of error to occur? Can any potentially any device with a driver create the issue? For example, could a NIC potentially be to blame for such an error? Microsoft seems to imply that only video hardware would be to blame. I can only assume that would mean the AGP or VGA driver.

Anybody have any clarificiations for us?

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