Dr. Damage asks: DVD questions

— 5:09 PM on December 23, 2001

OK, two things. First, I didn't delve into issues of motion video and DVD playback in my Radeon 8500 vs. GF3 Ti 500 article, because 20 pages of 3D coverage was, honestly, enough. However, I am interested in DVD/motion video playback quality, and I'm shocked at how lousy the Radeon 8500's playback quality is. It's terrible—much worse than the excellent original Radeon or, really, most any new video chip. I know there's been some discussion about this issue online. Anyone care to share any wisdom about why the 8500's motion video quality is so bad?

On a mostly unrelated note, I'm looking to buy a DVD player for our family for Christmas. I'm thinking I'd like to get one with the ability to play CD-ROMs full of MP3s, as well. Any recommendations or advice about what to look for/avoid?

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