Six/Four to provide Internet anonymity

— 12:14 PM on July 12, 2002

An offshoot of the hacking group responsible for Back Orifice has unveiled Six/Four, a peer-to-peer protocol that could unlock Internet anonymity for the masses. Wired News reports:

Traditional VPNs take the information along a single path from Point A to Point B. Six/Four's route is more circuitous, sending its tunnel through a series of computers on its peer-to-peer network before heading to the public Internet. Data goes from Point A to Point K to Point Z to Point G, only eventually winding up at Point B.
Six/Four has a few other tricks up its sleeve and could make snooping a whole lot more difficult, both for oppressive governments and for legitimate law enforcement agencies trying to track terrorists. Is something like this going to do more harm than good?
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