Class action lawsuit over P4 performance?

— 9:11 AM on August 18, 2002

Here's another twist to the much-bandied-about megahertz myth. Unanimous Hamster sends in this bewildering story from PCWorld, and I'll let him have the soapbox.

Intel is being sued by customers over the P4's performance. The plaintiffs claim that the P4's clock speed made it appear the chip performs better than it actually does, at least compared to a similarly clocked Athlon or P3.

I was laughing when I read this article. If lawyers think this is grounds for a lawsuits, can a lawsuit over AMD "performance ratings" be far behind? I've posted in the past on T-R that such a lawsuit is bound to happen, and if lawyers will sue over the actual clock speed of a CPU, you can bet they'll sue over AMD's numbers cooked up by marketing.

Surely, this is a litigious country, but does anybody really think this is gonna fly?
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