Barton in October?

— 5:59 AM on September 4, 2002

According to DigiTimes, AMD's Barton-core Athlon XP processors will hit the market in October. Everyone seems to finally be agreeing on the details of the new chip revision, too:

Supporting a 333MHz FSB (front-side bus) and 512K cache memory, the 0.13-micron Barton-based Athlon XP offers specifications comparable to those of Intel’s new Pentium 4, AMD said. At present, the processor maker plans to launch two Barton-based products in the fourth quarter.
Over at The Inquirer they're quoting documents which say we'll see Barton in 2800+ and 3000+ flavors this year. Is that enough to tide you over until Hammer?

Thanks to an Anonymous Gerbil for the DigiTimes tip.

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