Is AMD adding new variables to the PR mix?

— 3:46 AM on September 10, 2002

The Inquirer has a list of new AMD PR ratings which may or may not be legit, but are definitely worth a look. What's interesting about the new scheme is how AMD will be dealing with the 333MHz bus and Barton's bigger cache:

Barton Cache means add 100+ to PR ratings. T-bred B 333FSB means add 100+ to PR from the original T-bred B.
If this indeed is AMD's planned rating scheme for new processors, we're going to see chips running at the same clock speed with different PR ratings based on their front side bus speed and cache size. Intel's Pentium 4 processors come with different cache sizes, front side bus speeds, and soon Hyperthreading technology, but they appear to be sticking with MHz across the board when it comes to labelling.

I can understand AMD's need to communicate the higher IPC of its processors to consumers, but is simply quoting front side bus speeds and cache sizes a better idea here?

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