Rambus: Dead now?

— 10:18 PM on September 11, 2002

OK, so maybe I spoke too soon when I speculated yesterday that Rambus isn't dead yet. Intel has indeed cancelled plans for any future chipsets using RDRAM, if this EBN report is to be believed. The move to validate the use of PC1066 RDRAM on the 850E chipset is Rambus's last gasp at Intel.

However, somebody called the trauma unit. The European Patent Office may have just hooked Rambus, Inc. to a giant cash-money I.V. and prepped the patient for massive infusion. The EPO rejected prior art claims and decided Rambus's patent on SDRAM is valid. Rambus is unhappy with part of the ruling, though, and we may be in for another series of fights over the Submarine Patent That Would Not Die in European courts.

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