eMachines to use Radeon 9700 Pro

— 1:22 PM on October 16, 2002

You don't normally associate eMachines with high performance gaming, but now ATI will be supplying the value PC company with Radeon 9700 Pro-powered graphics cards for its T2200 PC. ATI claims the new PC will come with a price tag of under $1000, which is impressive given the spec list.

In addition to featuring the new RADEON 9700 PRO VPU, the eMachines T2200SE will also feature an AMD Athlon ™ XP 2200+ with Quantispeed ™ architecture, 512 MB DDR memory, 40x CD-RW drive, 16x DVD drive, 100 GB hard drive, built-in 10/100 Mbps Ethernet port, six USB 2.0 ports and three 1394 Firewire ports for optimum device connectivity.
A Radeon 9000 Pro, or even ATI's unreleased Radeon 9500 may seem more suited to eMachines' target market, and I'm almost tempted to walk into a Wal Mart to see just what kind of sales pitch I get for the Radeon 9700 Pro. Still, it's nice to see a PC manufacturer building up a system with a fast processor, big hard drive, plenty of RAM, and a decent graphics card for a change. Previously, this eMachines system had been equipped with only integrated S3 ProSavage8 graphics.
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