NV30 to use 1000MHz DDR-II?

— 2:09 PM on October 18, 2002

The Inquirer is reporting that NVIDIA's upcoming NV30 will use DDR-II memory running at a nice, even 1000MHz. Memory running that fast should make up for NV30's reported 128-bit memory interface, but acquiring samples will prove difficult.

One of the key questions is, who has this kind of memory? And if you search the net for a while you will find that Samsung promised volume production of this DDR II memory capable of up to 1GHz speeds in Q1 2003.
If NV30 will indeed use DDR-II at 1000MHz, NVIDIA is going to have a tough time coming up with memory chips before the new year, and that doesn't bode well for significant volume on store shelves anytime soon.
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