AMD to focus on business markets?

— 1:14 AM on November 8, 2002

A story over at C|Net suggests that AMD will be devoting more of its shrinking resources to products targeted at business customers:

Although AMD will continue to defend its position in the consumer market, the company will put most of its energy into getting its chips into servers, corporate desktops, and "thin and light" notebooks, executives said at AMD's annual analyst meeting.
Faced with a round of layoffs and other cost-cutting measures, I have to wonder if AMD really has the resources to target businesses while keeping enthusiasts like you and I satiated. Already, AMD has demonstrated an inability to get its fastest, newly released processors into the hands of enthusiasts within a reasonable timeframe, and I can't imagine things will get better with a focus shift to business products.

Though AMD may be risking its strong base of loyal enthusiasts with a focus shift, businesses markets may be the only ones capable of rescuing AMD from the financial doldrums. Let's face it, there are a whole lot more corporate desktops than gaming rigs, and the margins on server processors are much higher than they are for desktop chips.

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