Radeon 9700 with DirectX 9 up close

— 12:00 AM on November 20, 2002

I finally found time to get some screenshots from ATI's DirectX 9 demos on the Radeon 9700. These shots illustrate the benefits of DX9-class hardware's floating-point pixel formats and increased overall precision. Unfortunately, we'll all have to view the final output in 32-bit color, since no more precision is available to us for screenshots (not that it really matters that much once the images have been generated). These are low-compression JPEGs, so they're not small or perfect, but they should show off the 9700's image quality reasonably well.

Notice, especially, the split-screen shots, which show the differences between standard and 128-bit normal (bump) maps, between 128-bit FP color and 32 bits, or the various components that go into making a final, composite image. These shots illustrate things quite well.

Perhaps some of you who were skeptical of what I wrote about real-time cinematic rendering will begin to understand now. (Yes, all these demos run smoothly in real time.) Anyhow, on with the show...

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