Athlon Decathlon: The Nerd vs. AMD

— 1:13 AM on February 11, 2000

Time to pull out the big guns. As regular TR readers know, the recent flap over AMD's legal crackdown on vendors of modified, overclocked Athlons saw the ComputerNerd lead a gaggle of small hardware vendors in a counter-effort called United Overclockers.

Rather than worry about the legal fight, we decided to throw PCs from the Nerd and AMD into a little head-to-head competiton. The Athlon Decathlon was born. Two exceptionally powerful PCs, ten grueling events, and only one winner. We may not decide the fate of much of anything, but we will definitely settle this thing out of court.

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1. BIF - $340 2. Ryu Connor - $250 3. mbutrovich - $250
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