— 9:12 AM on February 13, 2003


  1. NVIDIA nForce with DirectX 9.0 support to come this year? (thanks Stefan Langer)
  2. Magellass Corp. releases WinBoost 4.00 for Windows XP
  3. Explosive Labs on 3DMark03: hey, what is everyone complaining about?
  4. 6th grader arrested for "hacking" (thanks morpheus777)
  5. Digit-Life has Intel PXA800F (Manitoba) news
  6. Hardware Accelerated provides NVIDIA financial analysis
  7. X-bit labs' February memory market overview
  8. Dan's Data shares more letters

  1. Digit-Life reviews AOpen, ASUS, and Shuttle barebone systems
  2. A1 Electronics reviews Athlon XP 3000+
  3. GamePC's Granite Bay motherboards roundup
  4. 3dGameMan reviews 512MB OCZ PC-3200 dual channel kit
  5. GeekExtreme reviews APC Back-UPS ES 725 broadband UPS

  1. 2CPU's video cards roundup
  2. 8Dimensional's ATI Radeon 9500 Pro review list
  3. BiT-Tech reviews Albatron Ti4680 Digital-Daily reviews ASUS V9180 GF4 MX 440
  4. Overclockers Online reviews Prolink PlayTV Box
  5. CD Freaks review Plextor 40/12/40SSCSI CD-RW drive
  6. PenStar Systems reviews Logitech Z-640 speakers
Flashy lights and cooling

  1. BurnOutPc reviews Sunbeam LaserLeds
  2. Inside-Hardware reviews Vantec NXP-201 fan controller
  3. MonkeyReview reviews Sunbeam UV CCFL fans
  4. TwistedMods' 6 fan controllers roundup part II
  5. FragWare reviews PCCG dual cold cathode fan grill
  6. ThinkTechie reviews Vantec Tornado 80mm fan
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