Sun to use AMD processors in blade servers

— 1:57 PM on February 24, 2003

This story over at C|Net reveals that Sun will use AMD processors in its new blade servers, but those processors won't be Hammers. Instead, Sun will use AMD's Athlon XP-M, a mobile version of AMD's Athlon XP.

"For this blade form factor, AMD provided the better solution from a technical perspective," Sun spokeswoman Kasey Holman said. Sun will use the Athlon XP-M with processor speeds starting at 1.2GHz.
Sun hasn't ruled out using AMD's Hammer or even Intel processors in future products, but the Athlon XP-M apparently fits the bill for Sun's blade server needs. Sun may not be a Hammer partner, yet, but their use of Athlon XP-M processors should give AMD additional credibility on the server front. That credibility could be the key to Opteron's success.
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