Microsoft joins DVD+RW alliance

— 3:25 AM on February 25, 2003

The DVD-RW/DVD+RW debate has raged for some time now and Microsoft has finally weighed in, throwing its support behind the DVD+RW standard.

The DVD+RW Alliance announced late Monday that Microsoft had joined its ranks, adding that the software giant will also have a seat on its policy-setting team with representatives from Dell Computer, Hewlett-Packard, Mitsubishi Chemical/Verbatim, Philips, Ricoh, Sony, Thomson and Yamaha. The DVD+RW Alliance is a group of companies that promotes and develops the DVD+RW format.

The rival DVD Forum, which includes Apple Computer, Hitachi, NEC, Pioneer, Samsung and Sharp, advocates the DVD-RAM, DVD-R and DVD-RW formats. The two sides have been competing against one another to push their formats as the dominant ones in the market.

Microsoft currently supports DVD-RAM in Windows and will support the DVD+RW format in future versions of its operating system, but no mention is made of official support for the DVD-RW format. Of course, current DVD-RW drives work just fine in Windows with their bundled burning software, but Microsoft's blessing could help the DVD+RW standard dominate the rewritable DVD field.
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