Gainward's GeForce FX Ultra: Dustbuster-free?

— 3:18 AM on April 3, 2003

Earlier this year, Gainward made some bold claims about reducing the noise level of these so-called dustbusters. Here is a clip from the original PR:

Today's customers are very skilled at making smart buying decisions. They know exactly what they want. Owing to Gainward's advanced R&D skills, the maximum noise level rate will be reduced up to 7db in compare to nVidia's original design. The reduced db rate makes noise volume lower, so that the Gainward users will not be annoyed by the loud noise almost at the same level of a domestic vacuum cleaner said by Norman Liang, the President of Gainward.
Let me tell you that is no April Fool's joke. Gainward's GeForce FX Ultra card isn't available on North American shores yet, but GamePC has managed to acquire one and put it through its paces in this crisply written preview. I know that a lot of you may want to skip the hors d'oeuvres and dive right in here to see if Gainward succeeded in engineering a silent miracle. All I can say is that as the owner of two GF FX Ultra cards, I just wish I had the self-discipline to wait a month or so. If nothing else, I would have had more options.
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