NVIDIA to revise nForce2 for 400MHz bus

— 6:51 AM on April 7, 2003

DigiTimes is reporting that NVIDIA is set to release a new revision of its nForce2 chipset that will explicitly support AMD's upcoming 400MHz front-side bus. NVIDIA hasn't released any other details on the chipset, but they're apparently still committed to maintaining the nForce2's lead in product specifications.

Of course, maintaining product specification leadership doesn't necessarily mean that NVIDIA will add much, if anything, to the nForce2 beyond support for a faster front-side bus. Since VIA's VT8237 south bridge is not yet available, NVIDIA wouldn't even have to add a Serial ATA controller to the nForce2's MCP to keep up with the competition. However, since KT400A motherboards will eventually be available with integrated south bridge Serial ATA controllers, it seems possible that the nForce2 could get a little Serial ATA love of its own.

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