Smart display support beefed up for SP2

— 5:24 PM on May 8, 2003

C|Net is reporting that more robust multi-user support will come to Windows XP in Service Pack 2. Windows XP already allows multiple users to run multiple programs on a single machine quite easily, but Service Pack 2 will apparently allow two users to interact with a machine concurrently as long as one is using a smart display. Smart display users will be able to watch movies, check email, and even fire up a game of Solitaire from the couch while someone else uses their main PC.

Thus far, smart displays really haven't taken off. Only half a dozen display models are available from a total of five manufacturers, though more are apparently coming this fall. The idea behind smart displays is actually pretty cool, and though I could see myself using one regularly, the $1000 price tag that current screens carry is a little hard to swallow.

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